Who We Are

Our Mission

We hire out educational and therapeutic resources to assist with developing sensory, physical, cognitive, language, and learning skills, to meet the needs of each individual

Our Core Values

People First: All people with learning and developmental challenges are defined by their own strength, abilities and passion, not by their disabilities.

Service: We will ensure all our members have a positive experience with our organisation.

Inclusiveness: There is strength in diversity, and we value each individual. Our unique service focuses on celebrating each client’s individuality and challenges.

Growth: We foster and encourage growth, assisting families, children, and adults to develop their full potential, in an environmentally and welcoming space.

Community: We appreciate and value the diversity of our team and clients by providing a community connectedness to enhance a sense of belonging.

Home Service: We provide a home visiting service under certain criteria. Our Resource Advisor works alongside the child and family to support and assist with their learning. The emphasis is on encouraging their strengths to achieve their individual developmental goals.

Our Resource Advisor is available to advise and discuss requirements and provide suggestions for available resources to assist with individual needs.

What we do

We hire out educational and therapeutic resources to meet the needs of each individual.
We aim to enrich and develop lives by providing resources that cover areas such as sensory, physical, cognitive, language and learning skills.
We are passionate about our service to all clients with a focus on people with learning challenges.
We build on each individual’s strengths and provide a friendly inclusive environment

whakahihiko, whakapakari, tautoko

Stimulate, Strengthen, Support

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