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Membership Agreement

You are responsible for items borrowed on your account.
Please tell us if you change email, address or phone number.

You are responsible for the payment of all charges on your card including:

  • Annual subscription
  • Hire charges
  • Overdue charges
  • Charges related to the loss or damage of an item.

Items must always be kept under your supervision. Please check your items before use and contact us if there are missing pieces or any other problems.

You are responsible for the safety of your children or those in your care while you are in the library.

The Learning Needs Library may change the conditions of membership at any time. The Learning Needs Library reserves the right to visit to reclaim overdue items.

  • I verify that the information is correct
  • I agree to the conditions as stated above and in the Terms and Conditions of Membership
  • I accept that the choice of items borrowed is my responsibility
  • I agree by signing this agreement, I give consent to receiving the annual subscription account reminders, overdue reminders, and newsletters.